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back doctor in Pleasantville

Are you looking for a back doctor in Pleasantville?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly where pain is coming from. If you feel pain in the hip or groin, you might think it’s coming from your hip. Actually, it could be “referred” pain — the injury causing the pain is actually radiating along the nerves from somewhere else, usually the lower back. That’s why it’s so important to find out exactly what’s going on. We are the back pain doctors in Pleasantville that you are looking for.

One of the most common causes is from the facet joints. These small joints between the vertebrae in the lower back make it possible for you to bend and twist. The cartilage in facet joints are filled with fluid, allowing the vertebrae to move easily against each other.

The Virginia Spine Institute describes facet joints this way

Each level of your spine functions as a three-joint complex. There are two facet joints in the back and a large disc in front that comprise each intervertebral segment. This tripod creates great stability, supports all your weight above each level and provides support for you to move in all directions. The posterior facet joints are synovial joints, similar to other joints in the human body. They experience constant, repetitive motion, and can become worn or torn. They also can become restricted in movement or develop too much movement resulting in pain. The facet joints are shaped and angled differently in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. This allows for all of the available motion within the spine. Reference –

The problem often comes when the cartilage starts to wear away. The joints no longer line up properly, becoming swollen and causing pressure on the nerves. Eventually, the loss of cartilage and fluid causes the bones to rub against each other. If the problem is in the lumbar facet joints, you may have trouble sitting, standing, or getting up. You may even have trouble finding a comfortable position to lie down. You might feel pain in your buttocks, legs and feet, which is why many people believe it’s a hip problem.

The strain of all this can also cause muscle spasms, making a bad situation even worse.

If you suspect facet joint problems, you need to see a back pain doctor in Pleasantville immediately. At ProClinix, we can greatly improve your flexibility and strength, and get you on an ongoing program of exercises and stretches to improve your mobility and help you keep further flare-ups at bay.

You don’t have to live with back and hip pain. We can help. Contact a back doctor with ProClinix at 914-919-2888 to get relief today.

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