Finding a Knee Pain Specialist in Pleasantville

Northern Westchester County is known for its physical beauty and outdoor activities. Hiking, boating, biking, jogging, and horseback riding are part of the community landscape. The activities of local high school and college sports teams, and many amateur leagues, add to the action.

As a result, soft tissue knee injuries are common among Northern Westchester residents. These include sprains, strains, and bursitis, as well as other activity-related and repetitive stress injuries.

Westchester residents are in good company. Knee pain is the second most common cause of chronic pain in the US, according to the American Osteopathic Society. More than one-third of Americans are affected by knee pain.

Fortunately, you have a local knee pain specialist in Pleasantville: ProClinix

You can help prevent knee pain by:

  • Stretching and walking before running or playing sports. Preventative activities warm up your muscles before major stress is on them.
  • Strengthening your leg muscles by walking up stairs, stationary bike riding or specially designed weight training.
  • Maintaining the right weight to keep pressure off your knees.
  • Not quickly ramping up the intensity and duration of your activity.

Whether your pain is occasional or is chronic, ProClinix physical therapy of Pleasantville provides relief and sets you on the right course with:

  • An accurate assessment and diagnosis
  • An individualized treatment plan to strengthen the knee and surrounding muscles
  • Using heat, cold, electrical stimulation and manual manipulation, the goal is to restore function to your original level.

ProClinix of Pleasantville, your neighborhood resource, can get you out of pain.

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