What You Should Do For Activity Cycling And Pre-Season Training.

by ProClinix, August 7, 2019

By: Eric Faatz, MS, ATC Exercise and sport activities are two of the best ways to increase your cardiovascular health, build and maintain musculoskeletal tissue, and overall increase ones mood through a means of stress relief. The reason that our bodies respond with such positive outcomes is due to our ability to adapt to the […]


Your Job Doesn’t Always Have To Be A “Pain In The Neck”

by ProClinix, June 27, 2019

By: Amanda Notley, PT, DPT Picture this, it’s five o’clock on a Monday and you are done with work for the day. You should be feeling relieved to finally go home after a long day’s work, right? Not if you are the majority of people who work behind a desk all day in today’s society. […]


Opioids Aren’t The Only Option For Pain.

by ProClinix, June 6, 2019

By: Dr. Christine Stathes, PT, DPT, OCS We live in a society that puts a premium on quick fix solutions to complex problems, for instance pain.  Pain is one of the many reasons to seek advice from a healthcare professional.  Pain is highly individualized and one of the most controversial and complex medical conditions to […]


Three Common Springtime Injuries For Runners & How To Prevent Them!

by ProClinix, May 1, 2019

By: Rachel Amarosa, ATC Are you taking your workout outdoors now that winter is over? Before you hit the pavement or trail, here are some injury prevention tips to keep you running outside instead of running to your doctor’s office. Like with any new or “it’s been a while” workout, it is always best to […]


Sciatica and Low Back Pain: Why Patients Should Choose An Integrative And Conservative Treatment

by ProClinix, April 2, 2019

By: Dr. Alan Siegel, DC With tens of millions of acute and chronic lower back pain and sciatica sufferers seeking relief in the U.S., it is important to educate this patient population on best treatment options to manage their condition. First, let’s discuss what the difference between acute and chronic conditions are. An acute lower […]


Athletic Trainers (ATs) Are Healthcare!

by ProClinix, March 5, 2019

By Justen Lopez, MS, ATC, NASM – PES With spring right around the corner and outdoor sports starting up again, it is important to highlight the healthcare professionals on the fields and in the clinics who help keep athletes safe, Certified Athletic Trainers. March is National Athletic Training Month, and this year’s focus is on […]


Sciatica: What Causes It And What Can You Do About It?

by ProClinix, February 1, 2019

By Dr. James Cassell, PT, DPT Sciatica is a very common symptom of injuries that brings patients into my physical therapy clinic. Sciatica is aggravation of the sciatic nerve, resulting in radiating pain from the low back, into the buttock and down the back of the leg. This symptom can be caused by numerous conditions, […]


Adding Strength Training To Your Exercise Routine Shouldn’t Be Overlooked!

by ProClinix, January 4, 2019

By: Rachel Amarosa, ATC For many people, improving one’s health is a common New Year’s Resolution. Two essential ways to achieve this goal is by implementing a new exercise routine or revamping an existing one. Adding regular physical activity to your weekly routine will improve your overall physical and mental health, help prevent chronic diseases, […]


A Winter Without Pain: Healthy Ways To Manage The Snow

by ProClinix, December 5, 2018

By Chelsea Brooks PT, DPT Bundle up with your heavy coat, hat, gloves and a hot cup of tea because winter is coming! Winter is a time for family, friends, and holiday cheer but can sometimes bring about a host of seasonal problems. One winter problem we can’t ignore in New York is the weather. […]


Can I Avoid Surgery? How Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Pain and Restore Function Without Surgery

by ProClinix, November 2, 2018

By Dr. Brittany O’Rourke, PT, DPT, CSCS You were just diagnosed with a meniscus tear and told you may need surgery. You are worried about how many other things you have going on and how you don’t have time for surgery right now. So what now? Have you considered physical therapy? Recent research shows that […]