PCX Fitness

ProClinix has expanded and moved to a larger space in Armonk. In addition to the professional services currently offered at ProClinix, new health and fitness offerings will be available.


PCX Fitness takes a modern sports medicine training approach for the athlete in everyone. Unlike other fitness facilities or gyms, in our privately owned upscale training facility, you will get an intimate yet energetic atmosphere. Our PCX Fitness team of dedicated fitness professionals work together to give you the flexibility and availability you deserve to reach your fitness goals. From youth athletes to older adults, each client’s program is customized to speed recovery, enhance performance, and prevent further injuries.


Personal, Partner, or HIIT Training

Achieve your fitness goals with one-on-one, small group training, or HIIT workouts. Our personal trainers will improve your performance and overall health, while focusing on quality of movement. Using the latest technologies and training protocols, we will improve your strength, endurance, proprioception, agility and overall condition. We offer a variety of individual and group training packages, including discounts when you bring one or more training partners!


Deep tissue and sports massage decreases muscle tightness and soreness, improves blood and nutrient flow, as well as reduces lactic acid production. Incorporating massage will reduce your chance of injury and help shorten your recovery time between each workout session. Maximize your massage benefits by adding our 30 minute performance stretching treatment to your program.

Performance Stretching

Unwind, recuperate, and prevent injuries with our performance stretching treatment. Total body stretching improves circulation, flexibility, and muscle tone. Stretching prevents injury to your muscles, tendons, and joints while accelerating your recovery and enhancing your overall performance. Stretching will give your joints the range of motion required to perform more dynamic and explosive movements with the proper form and without restriction.


Nutrition is an extremely powerful tool to improve one’s performance and overall health on and off the field. The proper diet is necessary to enhance athletic performance and speed recovery. You will learn which essential nutrients help build and maintain a strong body, how to boost your immune system and energy levels, along with the many other benefits proper nutrition can provide.




For More Information About Pricing & Packages For All Our PCX Fitness Services Please

Call 914.202.0700 Or Email Rachel Amarosa, Our Personal Health and Fitness Advisor at Ramarosa@proclinix.com